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Inspiration starts here: Pinterest’s annual conference, Knit Con!

Why Pinterest employees take two days off each year to learn new skills So much of the last year has been uncertain, but a tradition we knew we had to keep alive at Pinterest was our annual employee conference, Knit Con. Enter our first virtual,…

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Pinterests Australian expansion

We sat down with Lottie Laws and Sam Christou, Sales Managers in Pinterest’s Sydney office, to discuss the exciting growth Pinterest is having in the region and the career opportunities that come along with it. Read on to learn more!

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Multi-task learning for products recommendations

People have always come to Pinterest for shopping inspiration, and we’ve made big strides over the years to make that as seamless as possible...

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Adventures in big data wonderland: Going down the Pinterest Path

Have you ever started looking for plants on Pinterest, only to end up shopping for pillows instead? Ever find yourself layers of Pins deep into finding a new idea, not sure of how you got there or where you started...

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How Pinterest is teaching its computers to see

Picture this: You’re checking out a produce stand at the local farmer’s market and see a weird mango-like thing. It looks appealing. But you have no idea what it is or what to do with it, and the seller is busy with another customer...

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Machine Learning at Pinterest, MLconf 2017

Pinterest is building the world’s largest catalog of ideas. These ideas are embodied in billions of Pins and well over 100 million Users and Boards which, together, form a complex picture of our users and their interests...

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Building Pinterest Lens: a real world visual discovery system

Recently, we announced Lens BETA, a new way to discover objects and ideas from the world around on you using your phone’s camera...

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Applying deep learning to Related Pins

One of the most popular ways people find ideas on Pinterest is through Related Pins, an item-to-item recommendations system that uses collaborative filtering...

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Replication in Data Science: When is data science a house of cards?

As data scientists, when we reach an answer, we often communicate that answer and move on. But what happens when there are multiple data scientists with varying answers...

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Introducing automatic object detection to visual search

When we launched visual search last year, we gave a first look at what’s possible when you use images as search queries...

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Building Pinterest's A/B testing platform

As a data-driven company, we rely heavily on experiments to guide products and features. At any given time, we have around 1,000 experiments running, and we’re adding more every day...

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Pinterest Trends: Insights into the unstructured data.

What topics are Pinners interested in? When are they most engaged with these topics? How are they engaging with those topics...

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