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Performance Solutions: Meet Daniel Afanador

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Written by Life at Pinterest Team

Meet Daniel Afanador, Performance Solutions Partner in São Paulo, Brazil. Daniel shares why he chose Pinterest, the impact of the Performance Solutions team and advice to those pursuing a new opportunity. Read the full article and apply to become a Pinployee. 

Hi Daniel! Let’s start with a quick introduction. 

I’m Daniel! I was born and raised in Colombia, and I’ve been living in Brazil for the past 10 years. I’ve been at Pinterest since November 2021 and work as a Performance Solutions Partner on the Performance Solutions team. We’re a global team and have employees located in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Australia and Brazil. We’re currently looking for a teammate to join us in Mexico. In my role, I work with a few of our big retail advertisers to help them have success on our platform by effectively using some of our most technical products.

Why Pinterest? 

I’ve always been an early adopter when it comes to social media platforms and was an avid Pinterest user from the beginning in early 2012. I even remember when Pinterest was only a website before the mobile app was available, and I used it to organically promote content from a blog that I had. Then two and a half years ago, my current position opened in Brazil. I saw the job ad on LinkedIn, and I liked the way the role was described. It was very similar to my prior work experiences, specifically working as a product specialist with very technical and advanced products. 

Pinterest was growing in Latin America. I knew there was an office in Brazil and was always very curious. I had bookmarked the Career site and periodically explored the open positions. When I saw this opportunity, I messaged a former colleague who had already worked at Pinterest. He told me that he liked working here and convinced me to go forward in the process. I joined the company at a time when we started monetizing in the region. 

What does the Performance Solutions team do? What’s the impact of the team?

I think of the Performance Solutions team as an arm of the Sales organization. The Sales team has a wide range of clients and responsibilities that differ from us. Our team uses products and tools to support them and their clients to succeed on our platform when it comes to performance advertising. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are running campaigns to accomplish their goals. I’m on the more technical side where we support our advertisers who adopt our solutions. We assist them in setting up all of our performance-related products in the way that will be most efficient to achieve the best results, like finding customers or measuring return on ad spend. 

What’s life at Pinterest São Paulo like? 

In São Paulo, we have people from the Sales, Content, Administration teams and more. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Regardless of the team they sit on, Pinterest employees are always willing to help. In Latin America, we are very close to the people we work with. I’m building a lot of friendships that started in the office, so that’s why I enjoy going on-site. I also really like and appreciate that we bring elements from our local culture into our working spaces at Pinterest.

Do you have any advice you’d share with those considering a career at Pinterest?  

You use Pinterest for inspiration and to find ideas and content. Your time on the platform is a similar experience to working here. The culture encourages you to always have ideas. My manager has continued to empower my ideation and growth. It’s a nice working environment just like when you’re navigating in the app. 

Before joining Pinterest, I would constantly go to the Career site to search for new opportunities. I would encourage you to try to apply for a position that aligns with your working experience and inspires you. There’s nothing left to lose if you don’t try. It could be a good opportunity for your career to work at Pinterest and work with very smart and inspiring people.

What are you currently Pinning? 

I Pin things that I like. I collect football jerseys, and I’m always looking for ideas for my next one. I also find photography inspiration. When I’m visiting a new place, I check Pinterest for scenery ideas and the best place to capture photos. Lastly, I’m Pinning tattoos. For my first tattoo, I was looking for a unique idea that I had in my mind, and I finally found a tattoo Pin that I could use for reference. It was of Berlin, Germany - one of my favourite places, and I adapted it. 


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