Life at Pinterest

We believe that everyone should be able to discover things that inspire them. It’s a higher purpose and concrete challenge that our employees embody every day.

Our mission
is to bring


to create a life

Every single person, no matter where they live, what they look like or what their interests are, should be able to discover ideas that move them. Only Pinterest has the accessibility and scale to inspire this inclusivity.

Inspiration is showing people what’s possible and giving them the self-confidence to act. It’s about discovery + emotion + action.

This is more than simply helping people do things, it’s about helping them do the things that truly make them fulfilled.

Our core values bring Pinterest to life

Group shot of several employees.

Put Pinners first

We are relentlessly focused on Pinners’ diverse needs so that all our product, business and policy decisions are centered on their wellbeing. We actively invite Pinners to the conversation, so that we’re creating with them, not just for them.

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Aim for extraordinary

We build extraordinary products and experiences because we start with a higher bar. We push ourselves—and each other—to bring the courage, craft, and quality of execution needed to win big.

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Create belonging

We each take responsibility for creating a culture of belonging, we value individual perspectives and life experiences. Divergent thinking, honest debate, and real-time feedback are understood as the fuel for innovation and growth. By extending ourselves to others we build strong connections and support the well-being of our people.

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Act as one

We put energy into helping others succeed—and our wins belong to the entire team. We are resolute in our commitment to eliminate silos in how we work. Once a decision is made, we enthusiastically rally behind a chosen direction.

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Win or learn

To achieve our mission and grow, we must constantly evolve. We make big bets and take smart risks to increase our chances of step-change results. Whether we succeed or stumble, we ensure the learning is never lost by working hard to actively bring the lessons to our next effort.

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A diverse group of employees.

Inclusion and diversity

We’re creating a company that includes all people, and building a product that reflects our diverse population of 430M+ Pinners. Take a closer look at how we build inclusive culture.

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