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Pinpoint: Meet Carlo Valera, Pinterest LATAM Account Manager

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Life at Pinterest is excited to launch our newest series: Pinpoint. Pinpoint will zoom in on our global regions to meet employees around the world and hear about the incredible work they’re doing. Pinterest LATAM is kicking us off. Meet Carlo Valera, Pinterest Account Manager, who is sharing his journey to Pinterest, what he loves most about his team and his travels to San Francisco for Knit Con. 

Hi Carlo, we’re excited to chat with you today! Let’s start with a quick intro. 

Hello there! I’m Carlo Valera! I’m an Account Manager for LATAM. I’m based in Mexico City and have been a Pinterest Employee (aka Pinployee) for around eight months. As a whole, the LATAM mid-market team has nine people, and I’ve loved getting to know them all! 

I’ve always had a high affinity for learning and continue to be eager to learn more about what I love. In my current role at Pinterest, bringing value to my clients is what energizes me each day. I help them understand that Pinterest is different. (It is different here!) Not only have I learned how to sell, but I’ve realized I need to uncover my clients’ reasoning and understand their investment. It’s about the “why.” 

Speaking of the “why”, why Pinterest? 

I’ve been a passionate Pinner since 2012. It’s been a transformative decade for me on the platform. I was experiencing a tough time in my life when I started my job search. When the role popped up on LinkedIn, it was a magical moment for me. I instantly thought, “I found my dream job.” I didn’t think twice, I applied immediately because of my love for Pinterest as a product. 

After applying, I got a call from Darija Razgaitis, and I was over the moon. Then, I had a call with my (now) boss, and I was even more excited about joining the Pinterest LATAM team. During my recruiting experience, I felt heard. If I had doubts, the team was right there to support me and responded quickly to my inquiries. Being supported by the team before I joined made me feel more confident in my decision to become a Pinployee. At the same time, I did have another job offer from an agency, and as soon as I had my last interview, I knew that my happy place was at Pinterest with the amazing team I had met. 

What do you love most about Pinterest LATAM? 

I love that we’re a bonded team, not only the mid-market team but with cross functional orgs too. Together, it’s around 40 people. We are always chatting with each other and learning more about our colleagues. I feel like I found a place where people are caring, and I’ve made great friends. Additionally, everyone is super eager to witness you grow and lift up one another. For example, our Field-Sales Lead often offers my team support from her team, and we cross-collaborate on projects for more visibility. Another teammate has created events where we can bond with our LATAM engineering team and continue to build our relationship between all LATAM Pinployees. 

What are three words to describe Pinterest LATAM? 

Fun, Loving, Valuable. 

Three great words! How was your first Knit Con experience? 

Knit Con is Pinterest’s two day internal conference where we bring Pinterest to life and celebrate inspiration, creativity and connection by gathering as a global team in four locations. I loved Knit Con and being able to travel to San Francisco. My experience was amazing, and I got to connect with the broader Pinterest team. I met someone from the Recruiting Team and learned about their experiences in their role and within their org. It was fascinating getting to meet people that I wouldn’t normally work with and connecting with them on a personal level. While visiting Pinterest HQ, I got to see a familiar face – Ben Silbermann, our Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. Since I’m based in Mexico City, I was thrilled to meet Ben in real life!

I loved all of the sessions that I went to at Knit Con, but my favorite one was the class given by Pinterest’s Executive Chef, in which he taught us about molecular gastronomy. Overall, I had a great time in San Francisco, and I was actually able to travel for work again. Last month, I visited Argentina, Chile and Colombia to meet with clients which was really fun and insightful! 

Being we’re the inspiration company, tell us what or who inspires you. 

Music really inspires me. Whether I’m preparing for a presentation, crafting proposals or about to meet with a client, I turn on music to get in the zone. Fashion and photography also inspire me to be more creative. Most importantly, I’m inspired by spending time with my loved ones! 

We always end on this question – what are you currently Pinning? 

I’m always Pinning tattoo ideas, fashion inspiration, photography, sneakers, jewelry and new hair ideas. I’m thinking about dying my hair platinum! Check out my Pinterest board to see more of what I’m Pinning.

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