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Makeathon’s Big Milestone, a decade of passion projects

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We’re celebrating big at Pinterest this week because it’s our 10th annual, and first hybrid Makeathon! Makeathon is Pinterest’s internal version of a hackathon, where each year, Pinployees come together to work on passion projects and hacks that are outside of their normal scope of work. Any employee is welcome to pitch an idea to improve our product, culture, or internal processes.

Why is Makeathon so important to Pinterest’s culture? 

We center our product, growth, and goals around inspiration, and we want our employees to feel inspired to innovate, collaborate, and create ideas whether it’s within their normal scope of work or not. Pinployees are encouraged to participate in Makeathon, share their thoughts, and engage in projects that focus on putting Pinners first and creating belonging – two of our most important values.

From Makeathon to Reality

During Makeathon, Pinployees showcase their dream ideas. The features they think we should have, wish we had, or hope we have in the future, both in-product and internally at the company. Through collaboration and idea-sharing, teams flesh out details and bring those ideas to life in their presentations and demonstrations.

At Pinterest though, we take it one step further by making those dreams a reality. Our teams are hard at work bringing Makeathon ideas to life all year long. That’s why 66% of Makeathon projects have been implemented into our product over the past decade with many more in the works.

What’s on the docket this year? 

“Make Break” sessions and Tryathons are back, giving all employees a well-deserved break for fun classes like wood burning and pretzel making, and even a live concert with DJ Guzie. As part of our hybrid activations, the Makeathon team will be hosting a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout led by Pinterest Administrative Business Partner, Joslin Badrian, at our San Francisco headquarters. Way to get our blood pumping, Pinterest!

10th birthdays usually bring cupcakes, presents, and excitement, but Makeathon has something even better! During our Science Fair (where Makeathon final projects are presented), select Pinterest offices are getting in the festive spirit with a specialty Makeathon tea drink! In the spirit of science, we hear there’s color changing involved! Don’t believe us? Stay tuned on our @lifeatpinterest Instagram for the drink reveal and more behind-the-scenes coverage.

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