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Introducing… PinFlex!

At Pinterest, we know that our best work happens when we feel most inspired. PinFlex promotes flexibility while prioritizing in-person moments to celebrate our culture and drive inspiration. We know that some work can be performed anywhere, and we encourage employees to work where they choose, whether that’s at home, at a Pinterest office, or another virtual location. We believe that there is value in a distributed workforce but there are essential touch points for in-person collaboration that will create a big impact for our business and for development and connection.

And there’s more… Work-From-Anywhere!

Pinployees can also participate in Work-From-Anywhere! This benefit allows eligible full-time employees to spend up to three months working outside of their country of employment over a rolling 12-month period. Our employees told us that the most inspired and impactful work is completed from anywhere in the world, and we agree! We’re excited to empower our global employees to travel, have new experiences, and come to work inspired. Get the details below.

Why PinFlex?

As we continue to strengthen Pinterest as a positive place on the internet for our Pinners, we seek to create the same positive experience for Pinployees.

PinFlex offers a productive, inspiring, and inclusive experience for everyone— no matter who you are or where you’re located.

With PinFlex, we believe work location is situational and we let the work guide the collaboration style.

PinFlex prioritizes a partnership with leaders, managers, and employees to create the best environment and experience for all.

With PinFlex, Pinployees have high-impact benefits to support their at-home needs as well as their in-person travel expenses.

PinFlex brings to life one of our core values, Act As One, by facilitating collaboration and connection between all employees.

The details

What does PinFlex mean for employees?

PinFlex gives employees the flexibility to live where they choose. U.S. employees are welcome to live anywhere they would like within the United States, and international employees may live anywhere within the country or region in which Pinterest currently employs them. In most cases, we will cover travel costs for employees who live outside of a commutable distance to their office when they’re expected to come in for in-person work.

With PinFlex, every employee will be expected to come into Pinterest offices for in-person collaboration moments throughout the year. At Pinterest, we believe that experiencing our offices in-person and creating the opportunity to collaborate and connect with others is essential. Our offices provide an energizing atmosphere with world-class technology, collaboration tools, on-site dining (some locations), and more!

As the way we work evolves, so do the unique and diverse needs of our employees. We offer enhanced wifi, mobile and commuter subsidies to all Pinployees, as well as reimbursement funds to cover home office expenses.

All full-time employees with at least six months tenure are eligible to work outside of their country of employment for up to three months over a rolling 12-month period per country. Employees who have been employed for less than six months may work outside of their country of employment for up to 30 days total.

PinFlex in Action

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