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Pinterest Mexico hosts Women Thriving in Tech

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An event recap by Adriana Garcia

Hola todes! My journey at Pinterest started almost four years ago when I joined the University Recruiting team. Being part of the global recruiting team allows us to hold a dynamic role by having the ability to create impactful connections with talent across all professional levels and backgrounds, foster the growth of our teams and represent Pinterest at a variety of recruiting events in hopes of meeting future Pinployees (Pinterest employees). It’s immensely exciting to welcome new folks to the Pin, and it takes support and collaboration from many teams behind the scenes to help make this happen.

This year, I’ve had the opportunity to extend my support to our Talent Discovery team to plan and facilitate our recruiting events roadmap. As a certified wedding planner and former event producer, I jumped at the chance to leverage my event planning magic into the world of recruiting events.

Part of our event summer series included a women in engineering event to support the growth of Pinterest Mexico. “Women Thriving in Tech” provided a space for Pinterest Engineering’s Latina women to share their unique experiences, perspectives and valuable insight for a successful career in tech with others in the industry or those looking to break into tech. This was a special occasion for me personally to be able to practice my native language of Spanish and build in-person connections with my colleagues in the Pinterest Mexico region.

“I want to thank Pinterest and their employees for taking the time to organize an event like this and for creating spaces for women in tech.” – Paola F., event attendee

With the support of our Engineering, Recruiting and Workplace teams among other key supporters, we curated an all day virtual and on-site event hosted live from our Mexico City office. The event was on a Saturday afternoon which allowed us to have an extended event agenda to include a networking lunch and end-of-event happy hour with office tours. We reached over 75 on-site guests and close to 70 virtual attendees.

“We got the chance to learn about the culture at Pinterest and what makes Pinterest an inspiring haven amongst the chaos that is the World Wide Web.” – Izumi S., event attendee

Attendees were (P)inspired and engaged as our Mexico-based Engineering and Recruiting women took the stage to discuss the latest trends, innovations and their personal perspectives on key areas in tech and at Pinterest. Additionally, it was an opportunity for our guests to learn more about what it’s like to work at Pinterest Mexico, gain resources around our hiring process and learn about the impactful work being done by the Engineering teams in Mexico.

“It was amazing to see talented women come together, share their insights, and empower each other to thrive in the tech industry. Kudos to Pinterest for driving positive change and inspiring our future!” – Wendy M., event attendee

Women Thriving in Tech left us with 3 key takeaways:

1️⃣ Encouragement and advice to overcome impostor syndrome and personal stories of how our women engineers have succeeded in their tech careers.

2️⃣ Pinterest is the place for me! We shared ways to be successful in our hiring process and shared research and data to boost your confidence when going after your dream tech job.

3️⃣ Pinterest Engineering teams build inclusive products for all Pinners.

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