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Advice from Pinterest Recruiting

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As candidates, we know that interviewing can be nerve-wracking. Interviewing for a new role can take you outside of your comfort zone. We often get asked, “As part of Pinterest’s Recruiting Team, what tips do you have for acing my interview?” We sat down with some of our Pinterest Recruiting team members to gather their most helpful tips for navigating any job interview process so that you can show up as your best self.

Meet Patrice Williams, Pinterest Business Recruiter 

Hello Hello! My name is Patrice Williams (She/Her) and I partner with the Accounting org to drive their recruiting efforts within the Finance, Accounting and Business Operations team. My two major keys to interviewing are the following: 

  • Remember the interview process is mutual and goes both ways. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
  • Ask about a company’s culture. At Pinterest, we have amazing company values that we apply to our working lives each day. Tell us about the different scenarios you’ve been in where you had the chance to Aim for Extraordinary or Win or Learn, and don’t be afraid to share your lessons learned from those experiences. 
  • Bonus: Interviewing can be stressful, but do your best to not overthink the process. Show up as you. Personally, I always take 15 minutes to meditate or hype myself up.

Meet Victoria Perez, Pinterest Recruiting Coordinator 

Hi there! My name is Victoria Perez (they/them) and I collaborate with our amazing Recruiting Team and candidates like YOU to feel prepared and excited about moving through the interview process. Here are my favorite tips for feeling good about your conversations:

  • Before each interview round, take a moment to check in with yourself by taking a deep breath. Make sure you have access to your notes/questions, and that you have a glass of water or water bottle handy. Remember that your most authentic self comes through when you trust in your talent, creativity and skills. 
  • Prior to your interview(s), be sure to review the job description of the role and, for each bullet point, write out an example that highlights your qualifications and/or qualities. And don’t be shy about referencing your notes throughout your interviews! It shows your preparedness and organization, and can help you recenter if you’re feeling a little nervous.

Meet Juliana Chua, Pinterest Business Recruiter, APAC

My name is Juliana Chua and I work on our International Recruiting Team for the APAC Region.

My biggest piece of advice is don’t forget the basics

  • Your recruiter is there to help you prepare for the interview and answer any questions you have.
  • Test the video conferencing and tech links at least a day before to ensure the required equipment (camera, mic, etc.) is working. Reach out to your recruiter immediately if help is required.
  • Be excited, be curious and be prepared to ask the tough questions. Curiosity and asking the right questions can make a difference.

Meet Philip Floyd, Pinterest Business Sourcer, EMEA

My name is Philip Floyd and I work on our International Sourcing Team for the EMEA Region. Some candidates think of the interview process as a one-way street. Try to view each interview as a two-way information exchange, and come to the calls with curiosity to discover more about life at Pinterest. You can do this in a number of ways:

Who? – Knowing exactly who you are meeting will allow you to prepare the right questions and think about how that interviewer would collaborate with the individual in this role. Take a look at your interviewers on LinkedIn to learn more about them.

Why? – Ask your interviewers why they chose Pinterest. What makes them stay and grow their career? What makes them feel inspired? 

How? – The people you are meeting during the interview rounds have insight into the world you would be working in. Feel free to ask any questions you have throughout the process.

Meet Adam Gorelick, Pinterest Technical Recruiter

My name is Adam Gorelick. I am a technical recruiter on our engineering teams. There are a number of resources to help you practice and prepare for the technical components of our interviews, like LeetCode, HackerRank and CodeRust to name a few. One skill that is of equal importance is communication. There are a few elements I get into here:

  • Ask clarifying questions. It’s important to make sure you fully understand the problem being described to you. By asking clarifying questions, you’ll be able to gather a complete picture of what you need to solve for. 
  • Communicate your approach. This helps us get a sense of how you collaborate with others, but also, by understanding your thought process, an interviewer can get you back on track if you are going down the wrong path early on in the interview.
  • Speak clearly and concisely. Identify the examples and details that you feel demonstrate your most impactful scope of work. Prepare your talking points in advance and practice communicating them!

Interviewing is a skill that we practice and perfect over the years. While there are general tips and tricks to acing an interview, the things you can’t be taught are authenticity and style. You alone know your experiences, what got you to where you are and most importantly, how to be yourself. We encourage and empower you to make sure that throughout any interview process, you advocate for yourself, showcase your unique abilities and skill set and continue to shine for simply being you. For more interviewing tips, check out our Life at Pinterest board.

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