Why join Pinterest? With Co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann

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Hi! I’m Ben. I’m the CEO and founder of Pinterest. Pinterest is where people go to inspire their future.

More than 450 million people – all over the world use Pinterest to plan every single month.

They’re planning big stuff. People saved 11 billion wedding and travel Pins last year, 16 billion home décor Pins.

And they’re planning small stuff too. In the US, 3 million people searched for a new banana bread recipe and the same number searched for new tattoo ideas.

Pinterest is where people go to make decisions about what to do next. And we’re proud of that. If Social Networks are for connecting with other people, Pinterest is about connecting with yourself. Visualising new possibilities for your own life.

Everyday, we think about how to create an environment that’s good for that future mindset. An environment where you feel comfortable to focus on yourself. And that’s not just about adding new pixels and features. It’s also about what you don’t see on Pinterest.

Pinterest is not the place to read the news, or debate politics with your in-laws or compare yourself to others.

It’s a positive place to be inspired. That’s reflected in our content and our ad policies. And most importantly, it’s reflected in the day-to-day experiences of the people who use our platform.

More than 95% of Pinners say it’s a place that inspires them and we hope you consider Pinterest for your future plans.