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Stay safe, stay inspired

We're living in a stressful time. COVID-19 is having a real impact on all of us—our plans, our families and friends, our day-to-day lives. Over the past weeks, we've seen that Pinterest users have been searching for ways to stay healthy and inspired whether they're sheltering in place, schooling children at home, or concerned about love ones. In response to these searches, Pinterest has taken action to ensure that users are seeing content that will inspire and inform. Here's how we're doing it:


Combating misinformation: We’re working with the World Health Organization to get expert information about COVID-19. Anyone who searches for information about the virus will be sent to the WHO page containing verified information. We're also removing any misinformation about the coronavirus and encouraging the following of WHO's account.


Today Tab: People need inspiration these days, so on March 24th we launched the Today Tab with curated topics and trending Pins that makes it easy to explore popular and timely ideas. In addition to the latest World Health Organization and CDC news, you'll find trending ideas like kid-friendly baking ideas, self-care tips, family-favorite movies and comfort food recipes. 


Curating content: Based on the trends we're seeing from Pinners, we created boards for staying safe and inspired. Our boards range from like "crafting with kids" and "comforting words" to "workouts to destress." We're looking at the most trending boards and recommending more like them.


Social media: We want people to stay positive and inspired during these hard times. To help support the physical and emotional health of users, we’re amplifying boards to inspire wellness on our social media — everything from home workouts to indoor activities with kids to your WFH wardrobe. 


Pintentions: Pinterest's four week homemade intentional self-care initiative that culminated in a two-day company-wide shutdown. 


If you're feeling the tension in these times, get to know Pinterest a little better and see how you can find inspiration on the platform to ease the stress.


See some examples:

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Investing in our people

No one knows what the future will bring, but at Pinterest we’re more inspired than ever to help users build a life they love in these times of uncertainty and change. We’re excited to continue to build the teams that will bring this to life. We're continuing to hire, invest in our people and focus on business goals during this time. Our leadership team feels that we need strong talent now more than ever. They are communicating with us daily, updating us as situations change and making sure that Pinployees have the resources they need to feel supported and encouraged.

We're staying connected

We are making the most of this new experience and doing all we can to inspire each other remotely. There have been virtual happy hours, meme sharing, and a lot of support from our HR team. We've been connecting in a new and different ways -- we meet our colleagues' spouses, wave to their children, and their furry children. 


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Knit Con

Every year, all Pinterest employees ditch their computers to participate in Knit Con, Pinterest's annual two-day internal event to foster creativity and inspiration. With keynote sessions, workshops, open mic nights, and more, there's something (or two things!) for everyone at Knit Con.

Wish you were here


We're sorry you can't come in and see the office and meet your interviewers in real life. Instead, here's some resources that will bring you as close as you can get to Pinterest without physically being here. Take a virtual stroll through our people, places, and experience that make Pinterest special.

Check out our office spaces

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Meet our Pinployees

Eating is believing

If you were able to come onsite, you might have eaten lunch with a couple of potential team members. Our PinCuisine team does a fantastic job making sure we're eating well and often, always with plenty of health options (and a stocked salad bar) and guilty-pleasure snacks. The best part is, they find of lot of their meal inspo from the product. 

Check out the PinCuisine blog and boards to see what we eat on a daily basis!

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We host internal events

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Our culture rests on a commitment to our five company values

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