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Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity against systemic oppression, racism and generations-long discrimination toward the Black community.
For more on the actions we are taking as a company, read this note from Ben, our CEO.

We’re creating a company that includes all people, and building a product that reflects our diverse population of 450+ million Pinners. Take a closer look at how we build inclusive features:

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With the recent introduction of Story Pins and popular trending spaces, we’re committed to ensuring that 50% of the managed creators we’re working with come from underrepresented groups. And, we’re introducing a new way for retailers of all sizes, advertisers and creators to self-identify if they’re from an underrepresented group so their content will appear in these emerging spaces, including the Today tab, Shopping Spotlights and The Pinterest Shop. Over the coming months, we’re continuing to make progress on our commitments to support meaningful change—whether it’s increasing the discoverability of diverse ideas to reflect our hundreds of millions of Pinners, using our marketing channels to help drive change, or our amplifying creators from all backgrounds and experiences.

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Millions of people around the world use Pinterest for beauty inspiration each month, making the beauty category one of the largest on the platform. As Pinterest becomes more shoppable with a growing set of diverse content, we’ve announced updates to skin tone ranges and the addition of new brands to virtually shop and try on lipsticks through AR Try on. These updates increase the discoverability of beauty products and tutorials personalized to individual skin tone, style, and preference.

Here’s how we did it.

“Pinterest is the home of inspiration, but it’s hard to be inspired if you don’t feel represented. We’re making each person’s Pinterest experience more relevant to them through new technology and ways to control the beauty results they see. With these updates, Pinterest is becoming a more inclusive place to discover and shop for beauty ideas. No one should have to work extra hard to uncover personalized ideas, and all should feel welcome. A more diverse Pinterest is a more useful, positive and powerful one.”

— Annie Ta, Pinterest Product Manager

Within Pinterest, we foster inclusion and belonging in many ways:

Pinterest Communities are employee-run groups that bring together diverse people through community-building, professional development, recruiting and offering product insights to make Pinterest a more inclusive platform. Meet them in the video below.
We open source our inclusive strategies to the industry, sharing what we’ve learned along the way, through our Pinclusion posts and articles.
We share updates on our progress and initiatives, and have done so since 2013. In 2015, we made a public commitment to hold ourselves accountable for building a diverse team.
We know the pipeline of technologists is always expanding, and there’s not one path. Learn how our Pinterest Apprentice program drives careers in tech for those with non-traditional backgrounds such as self-taught coders.
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