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Pinterest in EMEA

Pinterest’s mission is to bring everyone inspiration to create a life they love.  Unlike other platforms where the focus is on others, Pinterest is where people go to focus on themselves. Today more than 320 million people around the world come to Pinterest each month to plan their future—looking for ideas for what to eat for dinner, what products to buy, where to travel and how to decorate their homes.

Pinterest's growth in EMEA has been rapid and there's no end in sight. With offices in seven major cities, our teams ensure Pinterest's growth across the continent, protect the privacy and autonomy of users, and help everyone find the inspiration to create a life they love.

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Pinterest's product is built to last and our careers are no different. Our employees have the opportunity to work on inspiring challenges during the day while enjoying their time outside of work as well with the support of the company. We worry about benefits so you don't have to.


Brand Matters

Pinterest is not a social networking company, it's the place where people come to get inspired and try new things in real life. Working for one of the world's most beloved brands is rewarding and gratifying.

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Room to grow

Pinterest is almost ten years old but our global frontiers are new. With exciting growth around the world, we need a global workforce to build the company for another ten, twenty, fifty years.

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New opportunities

Our European offices are growing and with that growth is the opportunity for personal development. There's room to grow with Pinterest, to make something new, and to craft your career into something unique to you and your skills.



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International Impact

More than half of people on Pinterest come from outside the United States, and international growth is one of our top priorities. Our ads offerings are now available to businesses in 20+ countries, 3x more than last year, but it’s still early days for our international expansion. We're just getting started.

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