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Inspiration to Action: Safer Internet Day

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At Pinterest, we’re building a more positive place online and infusing inspiration into the lives of our Pinners. They can discover their next passion or project – or just learn a little more about themselves and what they love. To recognize Safer Internet Day, we sat down with Gen Z Pinployees (Pinterest employees) to learn how our youngest audience is having a safer, more intentional internet experience on our platform.

Hi Gen Z’ers! Let’s take a second for an introduction.

Brodie: Hi! My name is Brodie, and I’m a software engineer at Pinterest. I originally found a career at Pinterest through the AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) conference. I joined as a Pintern. Now, I’m about to celebrate my first Pinniversary as a full-time employee!

Vy: My name is Vy and I’m a Recruiting Coordinator (RC) at Pinterest! When job searching, I saw the RC role as I was finishing up my senior year of college. I’ve always loved Pinterest, so it was a no brainer for me to apply!

Autumn Rose: My name is Autumn Rose and I’m an Account Manager at Pinterest. I started at Pinterest through the Sales Internship program and have been here ever since.

When did you start using Pinterest? What do you use Pinterest for? 

Brodie: I mainly love to use Pinterest for inspiration on recipes. If an ingredient is on sale at the store, I’ll use Pinterest to find several different ways to use it. I’ve found that it’s a great way to save money!

Vy: I started using Pinterest when I was in high school. I was at the age of finding my personal fashion style as well as creating different fun makeup looks! I use Pinterest mainly for creativity and inspiration in my daily life.

Autumn Rose: I downloaded Pinterest my freshman year of high school and have some very embarrassing bright turquoise 2010s wedding inspo. Now I use it to vision board, plan out vacation outfits and to create aesthetics and vibes.

Share any life moments that Pinterest has helped you plan in the last few years. 

Brodie: After a few months of working at Pinterest, I decided to move out to San Francisco to be closer to the office. At Pinterest, we have a work model called PinFlex, so the move wasn’t required for my role. However, I really wanted to be closer to Pinterest Headquarters. Pinterest helped me find the decorations and furniture I wanted to bring into my new apartment!

Vy: After graduating college, I moved to an apartment in North Jersey to begin a new chapter in “adulthood!” I used Pinterest to gain inspiration and be creative as I was decorating my new space. It helped me pinpoint exactly what type of aesthetic I was looking for! I designed my place to be modern, cozy and minimalistic.

Autumn Rose: I made a huge move from NYC to San Francisco and it’s actually my first time having my own space. Pinterest helped me plan a design for every room in my apartment – think 1970s but make it modern and on a budget.

How does Pinterest help you bring your ideas to life?

Brodie: For me, Pinterest starts with an action. I want to decorate my apartment, cook a meal, etc. and I have no clue where to start! That’s the magic of Pinterest: providing inspiration, clarity and actionability! I can find furniture I like and order it, I can find a recipe I like and make it, I can find the life I love and live it!

Vy: Pinterest allows me to find inspiration for what I’m looking for and motivates me to make it a reality. One of my favorite features is the ability to build vision boards, which allows me to visualize my ideas, goals and inspirations all in one spot!

Autumn Rose: Pinterest makes it so easy for me to save and revisit ideas for when I’m able to actually accomplish them. I build sub categories from each theme in my vision board to hold myself accountable. This year, I’m saving nourishing recipes and running plans.

What makes Pinterest different?

Brodie: What makes Pinterest different is the intent. I go on other social media to check up on friends and family and find entertainment. Sometimes I’ll just open the apps because I’m bored; they can be timewasters. Pinterest is about planning for the future, the near and far. It can be what I’ll eat this week, what my apartment will look like in a few months or what my wedding will look like in several years.

Vy: Pinterest creates a safe space to find ideas, inspiration and trends that are happening for the year. I feel a difference in me mentally when I scroll through Pinterest versus other apps. I can scroll for hours on other social media platforms but never feel fulfilled. It’s mindless scrolling. When I’m on Pinterest, my creative juices are flowing and new ideas are springing into my head. I can stay on for five minutes and feel fulfilled and inspired to get going on things like new food recipes, travel destination ideas or finding DIY projects to decorate my apartment!

Autumn Rose: I love that when I’m on Pinterest I don’t have to let anyone’s opinion influence my decision. It feels perfectly curated for me, like my little safe haven. It’s also MY decision if I decide to let someone in on a project, something I’m planning or general vibe I’m building by adding them as a collaborator. It feels great to interact in a way that isn’t social, but towards an end goal.

What are you currently Pinning? 

Brodie: I made this loaf of bread recently, never would have thought to add a bit of honey before, but it’s delicious!

Vy: I’ve been pinning different wall art designs to DIY at home! The beauty of DIY is I can create it for less than $200. Wish me luck!

Autumn Rose: I’m pinning bachelorette party ideas for my good friend who just got engaged.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Brodie: Safer Internet Day is about putting your personal interest and safety first. Take time to consider your internet usage and figure out if your experience is a positive one.

Autumn Rose: It’s great to have an experience on the internet that doesn’t make me feel bad about myself – like I’m less than or haven’t accomplished enough. Choose to invest your time in things that make you feel better about yourself and not in a comparative mindset.

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