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Woman& Series: Women@ x Blackboard

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The Woman& Series highlights and amplifies the other significant aspects of the diverse women of Pinterest’s identities to further create belonging within our company and product, while celebrating intersectionality between Pinclusion Groups. 

This month, the Women@ Pinclusion Group partnered with Blackboard, our Pinclusion Group for Black employees and allies, to spotlight women at Pinterest who are members of both communities to continue celebrating intersectionality. 

Meet Kaitlyn Menefee, Senior Counsel in Houston, Texas

I am a woman & black. 

Tell us more about you: I am an empowered black woman that loves to embrace the “soft life” in a world that requires black women to constantly embrace strength and resilience in order to be heard, recognized, and acknowledged. I take immense pride in my black girl magic, but also understand that, although I am super, I am not superhuman. 

What superpower does your diversity bring to any team: Throughout life and my career, I’ve faced many challenges arising from both systemic racism and gender biases. I often felt as if I had to be perfect in every way to succeed. Because of these experiences, the superpower my diversity brings to any team is grace. Giving myself and other people grace to be imperfect. Extending grace allows people to bring their authentic selves to any team and removes any expectation of perfection. Humanizing my colleagues invites more empathy and understanding in any team environment.

Something you are proud of having done at Pinterest or about working at Pinterest: I am so proud to work at Pinterest because of the incredibly inclusive culture. Since my first day, I never felt the need to hide my authentic self or be someone I wasn’t. In fact, I wrote a long Linkedin post about my first Pinterest work trip as a new mom and how touched I was about how accommodating and understanding my colleagues were. I feel incredibly lucky to be a Black woman working at Pinterest.

Get to know me, 2 truths and a lie: (1) I was a gold medalist in the 100m dash at the Junior Olympics; (2) I am fluent in three languages; and (3) people often ask me if I’m related to Tia and Tamera Mowry. 

Meet Chrystal Moore, Head of Talent Discovery in Atlanta, Georgia

I am a woman & black & filipina & lived in Italy for seven years as a military brat.

Tell us more about you: I’ve been in the talent acquisition space for quite some time but thrive when I get to use my creativity, build processes and use data to inform decisions. Most importantly, continuously learning from others helps me grow and that happens frequently here at Pinterest.

What superpower does your diversity bring to any team: Being a military brat as well as growing up biracial, I try to take an empathetic approach and assess situations from other’s point of view. In addition, this is my first time working in Tech, so having diversity of thought during discussions drives inspiration. It’s all about adjusting your aperture so that everything (and everyone) is in focus versus just focusing on something that’s important to you.

Something you are proud of having done at Pinterest or about working at Pinterest: When I joined Pinterest, my role in sourcing enablement quickly evolved to also include talent brand and recruiting events and it became the team that I never knew I needed! You wouldn’t see this team in a candidate-facing capacity as they’re truly behind the scenes, but their work is evident on our social channels, at recruiting events and could be one of the reasons why a candidate is suddenly contacted out of the blue for a career opportunity.

Get to know me, 2 truths and a lie: My twins were born six hours apart, I shot a commercial with Cam Newton and I’ve photographed several NFL games.


Stay tuned for more editions of our Woman& Series coming soon. 

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