Software Engineer, Key Value Systems

San Francisco, CA, US
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About Pinterest:  

Millions of people across the world come to Pinterest to find new ideas every day. It’s where they get inspiration, dream about new possibilities and plan for what matters most. Our mission is to help those people find their inspiration and create a life they love. In your role, you’ll be challenged to take on work that upholds this mission and pushes Pinterest forward. You’ll grow as a person and leader in your field, all the while helping Pinners make their lives better in the positive corner of the internet.

Pinterest brings millions of Pinners the inspiration to create a life they love for everything; whether that be tonight’s dinner, next summer’s vacation, or a dream house down the road. Our Key Value Systems team is responsible for building and owning the systems that store and serve data that powers Pinterest’s business-critical applications. These applications range from user-facing features all the way to being integral components of our machine learning processing systems. The mission of the team is to provide storage and serving systems that are not only highly scalable, performant, and reliable, but also a delight to use. Our systems enable our product engineers to move fast and build awesome features rapidly on top of them.

What you’ll do:

  • Build, own, and improve Pinterest’s next generation key-value platform that will store petabytes of data, handle tens of millions of QPS, and serve hundreds of use cases powering almost all of Pinterest’s business-critical applications
  • Contribute to open-source databases like RocksDB and Rocksplicator
  • Own, improve, and contribute to the main key-value storage platform, streaming write architectures using Kafka, and additional derivative
  • RocksDB-based distributed systems
  • Continually improve operability, scalability, efficiency, performance, and reliability of our storage solutions

What we’re looking for:

  • Deep expertise on online distributed storage and key-value stores at consumer Internet scale
  • Strong ability to work cross-functionally with product teams and with the storage SRE/DBA team
  • Fluent in C/C++ and Java
  • Good communication skills and an excellent team player


We’re growing rapidly throughout Latin America and Mexico! Check out our open positions and learn more about Pinterest’s exciting opportunities in these regions.

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