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National Intern Day

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GIOVANNI PROSPERI: Pinterest provides a really unique and thoughtful experience to all of its users, and I really wanted to work on an app that brought a lot of inclusivity and positivity and Pinterest does all of that. 

JALEN RICHBURG: Working with Pinterest over the summer means talking to executives, growing in your career field and working with people all over the world. 

BEN GONZALES: I was most excited about contributing to an impactful product, collaborating with top tier engineers and experiencing the genuine care and interest I felt during my recruitment process. 

SIERRA LEE: The people. This is actually my second summer interning at Pinterest, so I was super excited to catch up with my old team, to meet my new team and just meet everyone else. Everyone is super, super friendly and super interesting. 

TYLER BAPTIST: This emphasis on diversity and inclusion. It makes work a lot more enjoyable when you're working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

JIALIN ZHUO: No matter how junior you are, your opinion is always valued and respected the same way. 

TYLER BAPTIST: Anything related to Beach House. They're my favorite band, so I'm Pinning album covers, concerts, posters. Just hoping I could see them live one day. 

SIERRA LEE: Me and my roommate are planning our first girls trip to New York City after our internships. So yeah, I've been Pinning a lot of like New York City outfits, nightlife, food. 

BEN GONZALES: Oversized and vintage T-shirts, cozy rooms and cooking recipes. I tried a couple of Japanese recipes that I really enjoyed. 

GIOVANNI PROSPERI: My wife and I just got a new air fryer, and we've been using Pinterest to actually find tons of new recipes and Pin new ones every day. Plus, we love to Pin new places to travel and date ideas. 

JIALIN ZHUO: Currently, I'm in the process of moving, so I've been Pinning a lot of home décor inspiration on Pinterest. 

JALEN RICHBURG: I Pin a lot, but most recently I have been Pinning shoes, tutorials, clothes, posters, everything.