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Pinterest’s Summer Picnic [in a box]

a person lying on a rock next to a body of water

Usually at this time, Pinterest teams around the globe are gathering for mid-year celebrations — for those of us north of the equator, it’s the annual “summer picnic!” We invite friends, families and teams to gather for fun at local spots like wineries, museums and ping pong pubs.

Summer Picnic 2021 looks a little different. We’re all enjoying it separately with our own friends and family, whether at the beach, in the mountains, or on the living room floor. No matter where Pinployees celebrate, Workplace Events wanted to send everyone the inspiration to create a summer they love.

Throughout early August, Pinployees who “RSVP’d” received a portable pack that can be used for any kind of fun (in or out of the sun), with unique gifts intended to inspire new adventures.

Pinployees received:

  • Backpack & pins: a lightweight backpack made out of recycled plastic bottles with a cooler compartment on the bottom half! For those that want to sport Pinterest pride, a set of enamel pins to commemorate the event were included for DIY bag decor.
  • Bandana picnic bundle: filled with homemade, unique snacks to accommodate nearly all dietary restrictions and easily enjoyed on the go.
  • Smash ball set & inflatable floater/lounger: we loved seeing videos of Pinployees sprinting to inflate the lounger.
  • Inspiration: as with all major employee events, we shared more inspiration in our Summer Picnic 2021 board!

It doesn’t end there! Though teams couldn’t gather together, we still enjoyed this event as a community. Pinployees were invited to post photos and videos of how they summered in our #summerpicnic Slack channel, so we could span the globe together and keep eachother inspired with our local adventures. Since we relied on Pinployees to be the official event photographers this year, we threw in a little added incentive: six of the postings won additional swag for superlatives like “most iconic landmark location,” “funniest attempt at blowing up the lounger,” and “best reminder that summer doesn’t always mean sun.”

The Workplace Events team curates employee experiences that inspire, engage and support Pinployees across the globe.

We believe that providing a balanced and entertaining workplace culture will reflect positively on our employees, help us build a stronger product, and bring everyone (including Pinployees!) the inspiration to create a life they love. Programs include annual summer and winter parties, weekly creative pop-up workshops and unique team building activities.

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