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Our culture is what defines us and makes us who we are

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Pinterest Life

An inspired career: Mentorship

An inspired career starts and continues at Pinterest. One key component of growth and development is mentorship. We sat down with our Mentors of the Year, individuals who were mentors to our Pinterest interns and displayed outstanding dedication and commitment to guiding our interns.

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Pinterest Life

Pinterest Engineering: Meet Qiaochu Li

Our engineers are building an inspired and inclusive platform for Pinterest users worldwide. In the Pinterest Engineering series, you’ll meet the people behind the product, learn about their work and why they chose to grow their career with the Pinterest team.

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Pinterest Life

Makeathon: Behind the scenes

Makeathon is our internal version of a hackathon where, for three days, Pinployees (Pinterest employees) from across the business collaborate on passion projects and hacks that are normally outside of their day-to-day scope of work. Pinployees pitch…