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Building Together: Women’s History Month 2022 at Pinterest

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Throughout March, the global chapters of Pinterest’s Women@ Community, in partnership with our Inclusion & Diversity team, have hosted events and activations aligned to the theme of Building Together.

Building means progress, growth, and change. To support and empower Pinployees to “build together,” Women@ tethered each week of Women’s History Month to a subtheme and provided resources, activities, workshops, and insights to help bring them to life. In recognition of a successful month, we invite you to explore our subthemes and perhaps learn a little something to help you and your teammates build together.

Week 1:  International Women

During week one, speakers from around the world visited Pinterest (virtually) to share their perspectives and spread inspiration. This included a Happitude at Work workshop where employees gained new ideas, science-based insights, hands-on tools, and a better understanding of the role happiness can play in a healthy and dynamic workplace. On March 3, we celebrated World Book Day with a Pinterest board featuring book recommendations from our global women leaders.

Week 2: Allyship

Our Allyship theme was about celebrating intersectionality. Women@ hosted an event titled The Power of Allyship, which explained the importance of working together to create a collective power so that we are strong across our differences. Women@ also hosted an Allyship Roundtable with leaders from Pinterest EMEA, where they shared why championing women enables everyone’s success and discussed their thoughts and insights on allyship.

Week 3: Building Families Together

Week three’s events shared insights into family planning – inclusive of choosing not to start a family. Our Building Families Together theme explored different ways of becoming a parent and the challenges that arise once you do, fertility health, and nurturing your family.

Pinterest recently enhanced our global parental leave and family planning benefits. As of January 2022, all Pinterest parents (birthing and non-birthing) are entitled to a minimum of 20 weeks for paid parental leave to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child (26 weeks in the US) and 4 weeks of gradual return-to-work. We’ve expanded our family building benefits to include adoption support up to $10,000, and expanded our IVF (in vitro fertilization) and egg freezing options globally. Additionally, our new policy offers 12 weeks of incremental paid family care leave for parents of babies who are in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), and 4 weeks of paid leave for parents who experience a loss through a miscarriage at any point in the pregnancy. You can learn more about our extended parental benefits here.

Week 4:  Building Wealth Together

Week four focused on increasing your financial IQ, mastering a money mindset, financial foundations, and the importance of building wealth to provide comfort and security. Financial literacy expert, Go Fund Yourself’s Alice Tapper, joined us to share her tips on uplevelling personal finances. Our LATAM teams hosted an #IAmRemarkable workshop to empower women and other groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace. In Singapore, employees attended a live Finance 101 session to learn financial planning tips with Anna Haotanto from The New Savvy.

At Pinterest, we aim to empower our employees to build wealth and achieve financial well-being. In addition to competitive compensation packages that include company equity and 401k matching, as well as Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and more, we partner with a variety of consultational and educational organizations to help equip our employees with the information they need to achieve financial wellness no matter their life stage. Organizations vary globally.

Week 5: Socialize

We rounded out the month with viewing parties, coffee socials, and cocktail classes to provide intentional time for reflection on the topics/sessions held this month.  Week 5 events included cocktail making classes and “Ask me Anything” sessions with global leadership.

Thank you to our global Women@ Community for leading Pinterest’s Women’s History Month events and activations! It’s been an insightful month with many empowering conversations and celebrations for all of us at Pinterest.

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