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Pintentions: Intentional self-care for our next normal at work

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A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all still adapting and doing the best we can. To support Pinployees as we continue to navigate this new (and constantly changing) normal, this week Pinterest is bringing back our Pintentions program, first launched last May, to support employees and empower them to prioritize caring for themselves and their loved ones.

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What is Pintentions?

“Pintentions” is our homegrown program about intentional self-care. In May 2020, we ran this program for the first time over the course of a month at a moment when the company needed help adjusting to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place orders. Each week we focused on a different topic (Prioritizing, Controlling, Connecting and Learning), providing resources in various formats to help employees take back their life and schedules. At the end of the month, Pinterest’s global offices took two days off to ‘disconnect and reconnect.’ At the time, we felt a focus on these topics and the time off were important ways to help employees manage the work circumstances many were finding challenging, and discover new ways to “cope” with the then new reality of working from home.

Why are we talking about the Pintentions program now?

This month we hit the milestone of working from home for one year. Celebrating this moment as a company doesn’t feel right, but it does feel important to acknowledge the amount of time that we’ve spent apart, how some employees might still be struggling, and to take a week as a team to re-examine how we are doing this whole WFH thing, and how this milestone might be overwhelming. This time around we are holding Pintentions in a condensed timeline of one week, again providing resources and opportunities for employees to recenter around the topics we chose to focus on—all anchored on the key ways external research tells us we can best take care of ourselves and prevent burnout. It started on Monday, and as it did last spring, the Pintentions week will culminate in a two day global shutdown of Pinterest’s offices tomorrow and Friday, and will include additional days off again in May.

What topics are included this year?

This year, resources are centered around: Setting clear boundaries, Wellness (resetting and reframing your mind), Healthy Habits, and focusing on your Heart & Soul. We’ll be sharing podcasts, articles, book recommendations, wellness calls to action, e-learning courses, playlists, and of course, Pinterest boards to guide employees in exploring each Pintention theme. Many of these resources were crowdsourced directly from employees across the business.

Employees are encouraged to choose their preferred way to consume information, and take advantage of the resources that are most inspiring to their unique needs and preferences. To supplement Pintentions with something tangible, all employees received a care package that included gifts to encourage reflection and momentize the time we’ve all spent apart.

March mailer components: Meditation cards, stickers, note from the company, hourglass, bookmark

Wellness programming

To support long term Pintentional habits, Pinterest’s Workplace Events team is launching an at-home version of spring break for Pinployees: The Screen Break Challenge. The program launches immediately after Pintentions week, motivating Pinployees to put their inspiration to action by committing to time away from the screen to develop a new self-care routine.

Unlike most corporate fitness challenges, this one is designed to support Pinployees in achieving self-care goals of their own design, whether that be in movement or stillness. Participants can compete in any or all of three challenges inspired by our company values– Put Movement First, Step with Integrity, and Self-Care with Candor– by tracking time spent on their own priorities. Meditation, running, bubble baths and spring cleaning all count!

Throughout the challenge, weekly “Wellness Wednesday” programming will help Pinployees try something new toward their physical or mental wellness, including a self-love dance class, face yoga, mindfulness techniques for slowing down and more.

Top Screen Breakers will win big prizes to support their healthy habits, but anyone who sets a Pintention will be awarded.

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In order for us to continue to inspire the over 450 million Pinners* who visit Pinterest each month, we need to make sure that our team is taking time to take care of themselves, too. For more information on employee initiatives and programming at Pinterest, visit our careers site or explore our Pinterest Careers board.

*Pinterest, Global analysis, Jan 2021

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